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How to write an SEO friendly article?

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    How to write an SEO friendly article?

    Writing an article is no less than an art. Not just articles but all sorts of content you write. Anyone can write an article but an SEO friendly article? Not much. An SEO friendly content determines in which rank is your article in the search engine. When you say SEO friendly, it doesn't mean stuffing as many keywords as possible. Keywords in an article are a plus point, improving your rank in the search engines. But too many keywords could ruin your entire article. Before a fresh writer starts their writing career, they must have a crash course in Search Engine Optimization. Although some might be strangers to the method of learning new things it does not hurt. 

    Here are some important points to learn when writing SEO friendly articles! 

    • Research Thoroughly 

      Before writing an article or any content research is necessary. Take as much as time you need to research because the time you spend on it is worth it. Writing an article after tons of research can result in friendly and impressive content. Writing a blog or content for some products on an e-commerce website depends on thorough research. For example, suppose you are writing a blog about beehive removal around you; you must research before writing genuine and informative content. 

    • Keyword Search 

      To make your article or blog visible on Google, keywords are the only way. Keywords in your article represent the contents in your article. Whether it is for an e-commerce website or business website, adding keywords in your article makes it visible. To make your article SEO friendly adding your keyword in the google search will tempt the readers to click on your article. 

    • Understand the Niche of your article 

      Understanding the niche of the articles you write is essential. For instance, if the content Is supposed to be about healthcare and you write something entertaining could ruin your article. This is also a part of the research. Like much research, what you do about an article is that better. 

    • Use Headings and Subheadings 

      Using headings and Subheadings can make your article readable for all types of readers. Some might find it challenging to read large paragraphs for pages. When writing an article in a technical field such as web design or web development, adding sub pointers to these topics could be beneficial. However, breaking your content into headings and Subheadings can improve the way you write and attract as much as readers possible. 

    • Catchy Titles and Meta Description 

      A meta description is a short explanation of what your article is about. The same description would go below your google search so that the readers will know what it is about. The readers identify an article by reading the description of it. It becomes easier for them to know what they were looking for. Using catchy titles can attract possible readers to your article. Use straightforward language, and catchy titles can make the readers stay until the end of an article. Especially when writing an article for the entertainment sector, using catchy titles makes it fun and informative.