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Things Need To Remember When You Go On A Tour

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    Things Need To Remember When You Go On A Tour

    Hello Friends! How is the excitement to go to a tour? I know its High. But did you think that which types of things should be with you in your bag while you are going to a trip or tour so that you can enjoy it without any hassle.

    Before two years after my marriage, I went to a tour with my life partner and that was my first tour of my life and of course it was the first time to enjoy for my life partner but when we started our tour then we realize something on every step that we forgot some important stuffs or things. So, I decided to write some guidelines for doing planning by one who wants to go to a tour and enjoy it!!!  it’s always helpful to have a rundown of what items you may want to pack May be this is your first travel or tour or you are an  adventurer, these below guidelines will always be helpful for you that what items you need to pack with you.

    Save or bookmark this tour and travel necessary-things-packing list because you need to check this list every time before going to a tour, as a tool to let you know that, what to pick and pack.

    Track 1: Check the weather or climate of your travelling location before you start packing

     Although you will not travel for a week and for a month but you need to check the weather of that place where you are going to enjoy. It will help not only you but will help to cure the children with you. If you are going to travel in the same country then check the distance and the route of that touring location from your home. It will help you to plan your activities better.


    Track 2: List down all your planned activities:

    As I described in Track 1, keep some important things in mind or write down your activities that will you be enjoying sight seen, will go to beach, going to a hill station or on a jungle safari or anywhere else? Having an idea in mind of what each day is going to look like while you are on vacation will help you plan what you are going to pack.

    Track 3: Choose Your Luggage or Carry Bag

    Wherever you are making a plan to go alone or with family or friends, choose a luggage that is lightweight and big enough to hold all your necessary stuffs. While traveling with a luggage then remember to check important things related to luggage that is wheel, handle and double check the zip of your luggage or the pockets, be sure that the luggage is not torn or worn and easy to carry.

    You can choose Travel Backpack as your luggage If you don’t want to put extra weight on your big handle bag and want to be hands-free.

    And one more important thing related to luggage that arrange Carry-On Bag like and ladies purse or gents purse. It will help you to carry money to pay on airport or to any other means by which you are travelling, some important papers such as tickets etc.

    Track 4: Organize Your Stuff

    Now I will explain everything here that will be a very nice stuff while you are going to a tour.


    A- Innerwear or Underwear: Don’t forget to take your innerwear and you may carry another small bag for your dirty laundry.
    B- Socks: Pack the socks depending on the weather or climate of that location.
    C- Clothes: clothe selection is very important, so choose or pick up clothes as your touring location climate. And don’t forget to put nightwear because you want to wear light weighted clothes at the time of sleep.
    D- Keep rain in your mind, so pick some packers to prevent yourself in rain. You can take BACKPACK RAIN COVER with you because you want all your stuff safe.
    E- Roll your clothes to save space: Fold or rolling your clothes in a nice way helps to avoid wrinkles and saves space in your luggage.
    F- Towel: Most hotels do not provide you towels so remember to bring your towels in your luggage.
    Hat/Cap Or Gloves : keep hat or cap with you, it will be a good stuff to prevent you from cold or wind.

    6- Plan your footwear carefully - Bring a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals for walking. If you are planning for any special activities like mountain climbing or water rafting, bring a pair of dress shoes or flats that go with your outfit. For the beach, bring 1 pair of sandals. But keep it in your mind that the fewer pairs of shoes will be good to make your bag light weight.

    2 Assesories and Gadgets

    1: Mobile phones and charger – Mobile is very important accessories for anyone, because you can put your e-tickets and other electronics stuff in it safe. And the chargers are the heart for the mobiles and other electronic gadgets. Because you don’t want to see low battery signal in your mobile.
    You can put some e-books or reading material like travel guide, in your smart phone for reading at the time of travel in Bus or Train and because of e-books you can save from the weight of hard copy books and manage space in your luggage.
    Having access to a GPS App on your smart phone will be a life saver when you are trying to navigate around a city. And maps also will help you to know about the city or location.

    2: Camera and Charger – Although all smart phones have a nice camera in HD quality in it but if you want to capture more photos so please keep a camera with you and give rest to your mobile. And don’t forget the camera charger or extra memory card.

    3: Ear phone or bud – It will help you to enjoy music and you can avoid the outsider’s noise.

    2 Other Necessary Stuffs: I am listing some other important stuff here which will be very helpful for you and your family.

    1- Sunglasses/Goggles Sunglasses and goggles may play a important role in sun time or you like to swim in the sea and see the fish underwater.

    2 – Water Bottle – Water is the main source for our lives so doesn’t forget to take water bottles. It will help you when you feel thrust.

    3 – Hairbrush/Comb/Hair Gel/Spray - Hair products are also important.

    4 - Jewelry – Jewelry is a subject to theft so if much needed then pick gold or costly jewelry and manage those in a mini cube or circlet.

    5 – Toothbrush

    6 - Beard Trimmer and Charger, Shaver/Nail Clippers

    7 - Glasses/ Contact Lenses/ Contact Lenses Cleaner

    8 - Thermal Flask And Cup: If you're planning on camping out and cooking, remember matches/a fire starter, food and cooking utensils.


    Track 7 – Now Listen! Safe Your Necessary Documents And Money.

    You all know that Documents are very important for your travel that can be your passport, ID proof related to your nationality, debit and credit cards. So you can purchase a travel gadget organizer or a travel document organizer. By putting your entire important document together, this will help ensure you have everything you need to get from one place to the next. Now I will explain some necessary documents so read the below list or points carefully:

    1 - Passport/visa - As soon as you book a trip, it is good to check your passports and IDs again and confirm that they are not expired and that they will not expire while you are traveling internationally.

    2 - Personal ID Card

    3 - Cash and debit/credit cards

    4 - Health insurance cards/document

    5 - Travel insurance information

    6 - Reservations and itineraries - Take print out of the reservation record or slip or you may save them electronically in your smart phone for easy access.

    7 - Hotel and tour contact information

    8 - Transportation tickets (plane, train, bus, car, etc.)

    9 - Emergency contacts and important addresses

    10 - Copies of all these things in case you lose your wallet

    11 - Guide books and maps

    Track 8: Consider Travel Security 

    Friends, security is the major concern in any trip or tour for you and your luggage and your valuable stuffs such as smart phones, money or another important document. Pick pocketing can harm you as well as theft your money so the easiest way to keep your belongings safe is to keep them hidden and close to you.


    Consider these safety travel essentials:

    1 - Money belt or Neck wallet: Wearing a money belt or neck wallet lets you keep your valuable things close to your body and you can feel hand free at the time of any payment.

    2 - Luggage Lock for safety of your luggage.

    3 - Although everyone have torch enabled smart phone but it will be good for you if you have a separate torch with you.

    Track 9: Leave Your Home, Ready to Relax

    If you are going with your family to a trip or tour for a long time, it is necessary to get your home in a good order or managed well before you go.
    Below, I explained a simple to-do list so that you can keep all the points in your mind before going to a tour.


    1 - You can set a reminder in your mobile before few days of your tour. So that you can arrange the things timely.

    2 - Call to your newspaper delivery boy to stop the delivery of newspaper.

    3 - Have the post office hold your mail

    4 - If you have pets then arrange some care for them.

    5 - Set arrangement for your plants or garden, if you have any.

    6 - Pay your bills in advanced like for internet or electricity.

    7 - Empty or clean your refrigerator, don’t leave any food item in that.

    8 - Unplug your electrical and electronics appliances like heater/air conditioner.

    9 - Arrange a PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting) in your children’s school and ready to complete all the assignments for them in the time of absence.

    10 - Store or keep safe all your valuable things to a safe place.

    11 - Leave house key and trip itinerary with a trusted friend

    12 - Leave flight and hotel itineraries with a relative.

    13 - Reconfirm your schedule or check-in once again before leave.

    14 - And in the final, lock all doors and windows of your sweet home.


    More Tracks Are Coming Soon... Be In Touch...