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Welcome! Dear Great Developer, You are at the right place to learn PHP. Studyrightnow is the best place to learn PHP with easy text, program examples, images or flow chart, and videos.

You can join the Duscussion Forum on Studyrightnow after become a member by our registration page. On discussion forum you can discuss any idea related PHP and ask for any solution of your problem. You can give Exam or Test regrading PHP on our platform and You can do your Interview preparation on our website by joining our Question/Answer Forum.

Our PHP tutorial is for both beginners (novice) and experienced professionals which provides in-depth knowledge of PHP scripting language to learn PHP scripting language easily.

This PHP tutorial covers all the topics of PHP such as control statements, functions, array, string, file handling, form handling, regular expression, date and time functions, object-oriented programming in PHP, math functions, Ajax with jQuery or javascript in PHP.

PHP is a server side scripting language. PHP is used to develop Dynamic websites or Web applications easily. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and appeared in the market in 1995.

Php has some advantages such as: low development and maintenance cost with very high performance and reliability. PHP is mainly supported by all the operating systems like Windows, Unix, Linux etc and can be easily run on any platform.