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ePin/ eVoucher

E-Pin method is well known and has been adopted by many MLM Companies. E-Pin or a prepaid voucher is a secured way for collecting payment from members. 
Studyrightnow provides a facility to generate E-Pin or E-Voucher by admin or member it self using our MLM website service. To make the business more versatile, the admin or member i.e sponsor can generate an unlimited number of e-pin by using e-pin code generator. Admin has the ability to confirm the E-Pins generated by Sponsors or Members and can be Delivered through SMS or Email to the members.

E-Pin generator in MLM websites provided by Studyrightnow has some features or modules which are as follow:

1. Generate E-Pin: Admin or sponsor can generate e-pins from their backend by their e-wallet.
2. Allocate E-Pin: Admin or sponsor can allocate e-pins to requested members.
3. Block or Delete E-Pin: Admin can block or remove any e-pin anytime.
4. Show and Generate E-Pin Request: Member can request to the sponsor and admin for generating e-pins. And can track the request.
5. E-Pin List: Admin and Members can see the list of e-pins
6. E-pin Status: Admin can check all the status of e-pins i.e used e-pin, active e-pin, saled e-pin etc.
7. Search E-Pin: Admin can search for any e-pin status.
8. Send e-pin: Admin or sponsor can send e-pins to members by SMS or Email.

Advantages of Using E-Pin System: Studyrightnow will explain some advantages of having e-pin system as payment process in MLM websites.

1) Risk-free and safe Transaction: Studyrightnow provides very secure E-pin generator system because every e-pin is a confidential and secure code, which is produced by using alphates, special characters and digits. And admin or mlm website owner can manage the length of e-pin vpocher (minimum lenght should be 8 digit), very unlikely to get compromised or accessed or theft by members without paying. E-pins generated by studyrightnow will be unique ever i.e no duplicacy so it is difficult to guess an E-pin.

2 Handling E-Pin: You can handle e-pins eaisily because our admin panel of studyrightnow MLM websites will provide you the reporting about epins by one click. you can check the expire date and used date for e-pin and no one can use the e-pin again after the date expire. Below are some main reporting system for e-pin:

1. Purchased epin reports
2. Deleted epin reports
3. Used epin reports
4. Blocked epin reports
5. Active epin reports

Conclusion: E-Pin is very useful and the best way for payment. Most of the MLM Companies use E-pins to sell their products and for sign-up new members. Sponsor can also transfer epins to his downline members.

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