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E-wallet module is very important and useful for almost each MLM organization. E-Wallet is used to store member's income by compansation plan as virtual money. By using this virtual money, user can purchase e-pin or e-vouchers from admin or sponsor by requesting them from our mlm website. 

This virtual money system allows MLM business to attract customers offering highly secure and flexible transactions over the business platform because admin can catch any false transaction eaisily and do correct it. Studyrightnow MLM website E wallet system works like a virtual Bank account for your MLM Business. User of the mlm company will have complete control of his money and can use it for registering members i.e downlines and to immediately transfer money to anyone anywhere in the world.

The E-wallet system for the MLM company is very essential to manage as well as to perform all the cash in and cash out financial details of the customers. Studyrightnow provides the e wallet system with detailed reports that when any transaction was done, for what the transaction was done and the members details between the transaction was done.

Studyrightnow E-Wallet Module includes many features and advantages as follow:

1. The E wallets system helps you to integrate your bank account to transfer money from your bank to your mlm virtual bank that is e wallet. You can itegrate your credit card with your e wallet.
2. Fund transfer to other members within your mlm company eaisily.
3. You can use the amount in the E-wallet for purchasing the E-pins.
4. The amount in the E-wallet is used for buying or ordering the products from that respective mlm organisation.
5. Member can request with the admin by submitting an online form, for transferring fund to their bank account.
6. Sponsor or member can use the amount in the E-wallet is used for registering the downlines.
7. Studyrightnow E-Wallet will provide you the statement about each task performed related with virtual money.

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