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Matrix Mlm

Matrix MLM Plan is one of the famous plans in Multilevel Marketing Business. In Matrix MLM plan, the downlines are arranged in a fixed number of width(row) and height(column) that restricts the number of members (downlines), any distributor can sponsor under first level i.e (W X H), for example 2X2, 3X4.

There are no fix types of Matrix mlm plan. It depends on each mlm company to choose any matrix plan like 2*4, 3*7, as so on. Suppose you choose 2*4 matrix plan then you can sponsor only two members to the first level and the rest will spill over to later levels with a depth of four level.

Studyrightnow will provide you Matrix MLM Website so that an admin can manage all the necessary things by the website admin panel. Our web-based Matrix MLM application is hassle free and will save your time to maintain records online in a second and will minimize the paper work. Our Matrix MLM plan website helps to keep track about member's registration, incomes and financial management with support tickets.

Now we will talk about the compensation plan i.e commissions and bonuses given in the Matrix MLM Plan. There may be different types of compensation that are used to increase the stability of the Matrix structure and to make the team active and motivate by giving attractive bonus to members. Studyrightnow explains below about the main bonuses that is given in our Matrix Mlm Plan website.

1:- SPONSOR OR REFERRAL BONUS: A sponsor bonus is the main and used in each type of MLM software plans so it is used in the Matrix mlm compensation plan too. Sponsor bonus  is given to the distributor or sponsor who directly recruits new members to the network to motivate the members for adding new members to the existing network.
Studyrightnow Matrix MLM plan website has an admin panel which has an option to change the percentage of sponsor bonuses or admin can make this fixed amount bonus.

2:- MATCHING BONUS: Distributors gets a matching bonus in a Matrix MLM Plan based on the earnings of downline members whom they have sponsored. For example, XYZ sponsors ABC and if distributor ABC achieves sales or any other commission, his sponsor XYZ will earn a percentage of ABC bonus.

3:- LEVEL COMMISSION: In Matrix MLM plan the level commission is the amount of profit or bonus that people earn by adding new members each level till the final depth of the matrix. Studyrightnow Matrix MLM plan gives you the facility to manage the percentage and fixed amount at each level by admin panel.

4:- MATRIX BONUS: Matrix Bonus is also an add-on bonus to give extra compensation to the distributors. This compensation is given to the members when they filled their matrix with the downliners. If the business plan is a 2*4 matrix system, the members should have 2 members on his first level downline, 4 members in his second level downline, 8 members in third level downline and 16 members in fourth level downline. This member is eligible for the Matrix Bonus.

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