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How to Market Online - Part 2

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    How to Market Online - Part 2

    There are thousands of ways by which you can earn online, you can grow your business by improve your marketing strategies. Did you notice that you can earn money with the help of Google and Bing in an easiest way by market your business with them? Did you hear about local business directory service provided by Google and Bing?

    If you want to go with Google then you need to make your account on Google. Then you need to apply for registering your business on Google by filling some important information. Dont forget to check your full business or company address once because after submission Google will send an envelope to your address.

    In that envelope you will get a Pin then you need to enter that pin on your Google Business Account and submit. Now your business is online with Google.

    Now afer register your business or brand with Google or Bing, you need to make it on top on search resultes, related to your niche.

    For example: Search something like "best java training company in noida"


    You will see many results. But user will open the link and mostly attract to the results which come on first position or top three position in Google search listing.

    So, what you need to do for making your business at least in top three position ? you need to do organic seo for your business or brand. Once the business rank will increase, your business will show in top positions on Google, many customers will find your brand easily.

    So what are the ways to earn money from Google? Studdyrightnow team will explain you the ways by which you can take benefits from Google and can earn money:

    Blogging: You can make your blog or website by which you can market another company products by writing articles. You can start affiliate marketing for many big companies. Please check this blog for example and you can learn more by reading the articles on it.

    YouTube: If you are not interested in writing content, then go with videos, Just Take videos, Upload them to YouTube, Monetize your video and get Paid from Google!