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How to Market Online - Part 3

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    How to Market Online - Part 3

    Marketing or online marketing consists of the digital channels i.e. your website or blogs like Studyrightnow, emails, banners, social channels like Facebook and Twitter, videos, etc. that businesses use to attract and capture customers and prospects. You can use some traditional marketing substitute that is radio and television.

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    We are giving you some tips so that you can improve your marketing strategies to improves your business:

    1- Increase Your Website's Visibility in Search

    A. Boost Your Website Speed: First if you want to market your business by any online channel then you first need a website or blog. But be sure that your website speed should be better than good.

    B. Content Is The King: First thing you must remember that content is the initial part for advertising any type of business. So you need to start with a content marketing strategy or content plan that identifies your core audience or customers.

    C. Share Your Content Across Social Media: Now after preparing the content, you need to make your account on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Very nice, now you have your social media account and content available with you so you can share your business or product related content. This will help you to increase your conversion rate because people can see the content related to your business in social search and will talking about your content and brand.

    D. Create At Least One Article Per Week: Now you need to create or post one article each week either on social media or on your professional blog or designated area of your website that provides insightful and authoritative information for your target audience.

    E. Monitor Customer Comments and Feedback: This is the very important point because if you will not remember this point than all your above potential work is waste. You need to monitor all the feedback and comments by your audiences or customers on your sharing content so that you can improve your business marketing strategies by reading their suggestions.

    2- Promotional Gifts and Discounts: Now after completing your blog or website or after setting up your brand with name and logo. Now, promotional gifts play an important role to grow up your business. You can offer free gifts with your brand logo or website url  like hand-bags, pen, water bottle, calendar etc, to promotion your business.

    You can join any event like business meet and then you can easily offer promotional gifts to a huge group of people. People will use your promotional gifts and will be interested to know about your brand.

    You can offer some interesting discounts on your services or brand. Discount on a best service is a good supplement for growing or marketing your business. But remember the thing that provide the best service or product with discount. If you will provide the best service with discount then people will market your brand because "words of mouth" is the best tonic to grow any brand.